PHYTO2 Multi-Packs

The new PHYTO2 Live Phytoplankton features an exclusive process of Amino-Acid Enrichment. More vibrant Reds, vivid Blues and electric Greens are achieved through specific color enhancing compounds featured in the newly formulated live PHYTO2. . The bio-diversity of multiple species with the advantages of monoculture with the convenience of one pack.
PHYTO2 Multi-Packs are our most popular reef aquarium supplement. Utilizing osmotic pressurization, Aqua-Tech Co. has enriched its Live Phytoplankton products with 15 Amino-Acids in the ratios found in wild scleractinian coral. This places the Amino’s right in the food for heterotrophic feeding! This is the first time this is available in a live food.

PHYTO2 is a nutritious planktonic feed designed to fulfill the natural food cycle of the sea within your aquarium. Containing lab cultured microalgae cells harvested at their highest nutritional value, PHYTO2 prvides a natural and nutritious food source for copepods, amphipods, coral and clams. PHYTO2 is the only retail available monoculture featuring species specific strains of Tetraselmi, Isochrysis, Symbiodinium, Nannochloropsis, .
  • Species specific packaging - multiple bottles of single species microalgae
  • Aquaculture quality
  • NOW Amino-Enriched
  • Longer shelf life and no foul smell
  • No preservatives, only fresh clean microalgae

Unleash the potential of your reef!

In nature microalgae performs the important role as a primary producer and energy source for all species of fish, invertebrates and coral by acting as a base food either direct or indirect consumption. What does this mean to the captive aquarium owner?

Less Algae
By feeding live phytoplankton aquarium owners can get nutrients directly to their desired live specimens with minimal additions to nutrient bioloads. Helping coral to grow and not algae!

Who do I feed PHYTO2 to?
Phytoplankton is consumed by various zooplankton and then by coral. Animals such as clams are dependant on phytoplankton in early stages of their life and benefit from consuming it as they grow.

The PHYTO2 difference
Research, pride in our product and our natural enthusiasm for the marine aquarium hobby has enabled Aqua-Tech Co. to bring forth the most innovative natural foods available for the best prices.


Phyto2, is a pure species of plankton suspended in purified seawater. To appreciate it's value we must understand how microalgae compete in nature. When cells encounter other species of Phytoplankton, they react by releasing compounds to kill the other species in turn killing itself. When concentrated and combined, different species of Phytoplankton compete and at some point poison the bottle.

Not Freeze Dried

Freeze dried and other preserved products are dead Phytoplankton. This means if they are not ingested immediately after dosing to the aquarium they will decompose liberating organics like phosphate and nitrogen, essentially polluting your prized aquarium. Live Phytoplankton stays alive until consumed and actually cleans your water through Photosynthesis.

Scientific Harvest Technology

Phyto2 is cultured in sterile nutrient rich seawater. It is grown out to the point where it is at its highest nutritional value and the seawater contains the least amount of nutrients. As such our harvest is already a "clean" Phytoplankton. Next the cells are carefully separated and condensed to be packaged for your aquarium. No fertilizers. Consistent densities.

A reef essential

n a closed system, such as a home aquarium, food sources are limited to what is added to the tank. Considering the needs of the various life kept in the system, a regular source of food must be added to mimic the constant availability of food in the ocean. Phyto2 fulfills that need, completing the natural nutrient cycle of the sea.